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Meet the Founders. ​

The original Hochatown community was settled alongside the Mountain Fork River in the 1830's by Choctaw families who had relocated from Mississippi on the Trail of Tears.  By the the time of Oklahoma statehood in 1907, the community had a church, school and post office and was a popular social center for families living in the local area but its residents never actually took the step of establishing a local government with the new State of Oklahoma.

In the early 1960's, the United States government began relocating the residents of Hochatown so that the construction of Broken Bow Lake could be completed.  The church and cemetery were relocated to their present location alongside US Highway 259 about three miles west of their original location.  The community slowly reestablished itself near the entrance to the new lake and in November 2022 it took the steps to incorporate itself with the State of Oklahoma.  Local residents gathered in a town hall meeting and elected five trustees to lead the effort of founding a new local government.

Brenda Walters
Dian Headshot Standard.jpg
Dian Jordan 
Sargent Standard.png
Chad Sargent
Charles Ward Standard.png
Charles Ward
Haggard Standard.png
Howard Haggard
McDaniel Standard.png
Todd McDaniel
Harden Standard.png
Helen Harden
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